Waukesha State Bank

Connecting a Bank With The Community

Waukesha State Bank, a financial institution in Southeast Wisconsin, needed a boost for its in-house marketing efforts. Because of the bank’s name, many assumed there were only a handful of local branches, unaware of how far-reaching the service area truly is. We worked with Waukesha State Bank’s marketing team to build a fresh, flexible campaign and creative tactics that connected the bank with the many communities it serves.

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A Very _____ Campaign

It was critical that the marketing campaign drew a clear connection to community and Waukesha State Bank’s promise of friendly service. One of our goals was to generate a flexible concept that could be customized to feature the bank’s many financial products or local branches. Playing off of this idea, we created a “fill in the blank” campaign, which draws the viewer’s focus to a seemingly handwritten key phrase related to the featured product or location. This was paired with a map and pinpoint graphic that drove home the idea of community and how the bank’s services interplayed with people’s life goals and milestones.

All A-(Bill)-Board

We took the campaign to an even grander scale by creating billboard advertisements to build awareness in the areas that Waukesha State Bank serves. The billboard designs coordinated with the rest of the campaign but simplified the message for easy absorption.

Eye-Catching Animated Videos

The fill-in-the-blank campaign came to life with a series of animated videos. Each video features a different service, along with a strong dose of the bank’s commitment to the people and businesses it serves.

Translating The Campaign To the Digital World

In addition to traditional creative assets, we also provided the Waukesha State Bank team with digital pieces, including social media graphics for organic and paid placement and banner advertisements. Modular design templates make it easy for their in-house staff to create and execute new iterations of the campaign.

"We love partnering with the Ampersand team! They give us the streamlined creative tools we need to execute on our marketing plans in a big way."
Stephanie Ohlfs
Vice President - Marketing Manager at Waukesha State Bank
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