With the perfect combination of creatives and analytical thinkers, we’ve cultivated a team of marketing experts driven by growth.

Meet The Ampersand Team

Individual talents. Incredible team. It’s not just one of our core values, it’s a guiding philosophy. Each member of our team has been handpicked for their own brand of genius, and we value everything they bring to the table (and think you will too). That’s right. There are real people behind these walls, not just contracted workers who exist only as a name on an email. Meet the faces of Ampersand.

Valerie Anderson
Valerie Anderson Project Manager
Val Pal. Project manager. Schedule keeper. Collaborator. Reassurance provider. Puzzle solver. Team player. Cat lover.
Brock Diedrick
Brock Diedrick Director of Client Services
SUPER B.A.D. Marketing communicator. Client manager. Strategy developer. Public & media relator. Office pool administrator.
Nicole Kausalik
Nicole Kausalik Digital Strategist
Routine Machine. Digital marketer. Efficiency seeker. Social strategizer. Troubleshooter. Results optimizer. Thought provoker.
Jodi Everts
Jodi Everts Traffic Manager
Workamagician. Traffic manager. Schedule abider. Strategic communicator. Copy proofer. Fun fact finder.
Alisa Leverenz
Alisa Leverenz Digital Marketing Specialist
Social media optimizer. Public & media relator. Google wrangler. Strategy sculptor. Campaign creator. Opportunity optimist.
Morgan Price
Morgan Price Project Manager
Process promoter. Project manager. Collaborator. Connection queen. Clear communicator. Team player. Book worm.
Sammie May
Sammie May Art Director
SAM-Serif. Picture taker. Brand developer. Creative thinker. Typography selector. Logo creator. Confidence booster.
Heather Noel, MBA
Heather Noel, MBA Owner & CEO
Miss Direction. Strategic thinker. Big picture seer. Public speaker. Business developer. Coffee drinker.

Madeline Lanham
Madeline Lanham Project Manager
Spreadsheet advocate. Calendar cruncher. Positivity booster. Note keeper. Detail detective. Innovator..

Laken Schmitt
Laken Schmitt Digital Marketing Specialist
Digital developer. Social media crafter. Learning lover. SEO optimizer. Data detective. Dog walker.
Jen Schneider
Jen Schneider Office Manager
Policy constructor. Organizer. Snack stocker. Detail director. HR facilitator. Bingo Player.

Preston Thurler
Preston Thurler Copywriter
Storyteller. Oxford comma promoter. Attention getter. Brand enhancer. Grammar enforcer. Music connoisseur.
Brian Odeja
Brian Odeja President & Partner
Offensive Coordinator. Sales management trainer. CRM & sales process developer. Critical thinker. Comic reliever.
Anna Hawkinson
Anna Hawkinson Creative Director
Creative Suitey. Illustrator. Idea generator. Detail focuser. Clear communicator. Enthusiasm haver. Strategic thinker. Gardener.
Alyssa Van Altena
Alyssa Van Altena Project Manager
Alyss-ta To-Do’s. Project manager. Vendor relator. Analytics interpreter. Digital marketer. Professional kayaker.
Natalie Wallace
Natalie Wallace Graphic Designer
Creative cultivator. Laser focuser. Logo crafter. Positivity spreader. Active learner. T Swift lover.

Tyler Walls
Tyler Walls Graphic Designer
Print spec curator. Video animator. Brand builder. Illustrator. Idea innovator. Longboarder. Beekeeper.

YOU! Your Job Here?
Picture yourself among a talented team of creatives and analytical thinkers & join the Ampersand Team.

Interfaith Caregivers of Washington County
“What a dynamic group of creative professionals! The fresh and original campaign they developed for our non-profit organizations went well above and beyond our expectations and that of our board of directors. They have provided guidance and personal attention every step of the way.”

– Interfaith Caregivers of Washington County
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