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Bringing Compassion To Workforce Solutions

When we began working with Empathia, a provider of workforce services like employee assistance programs (EAPs) and crisis management, their team was facing unique challenges. The company’s core services had strong brand equity, but the parent brand was relatively unknown. Their industry has frequent terminology evolutions and compliance requirements that make precision a top priority. In addition, they wanted to highlight the compassion, holistic approach, and clinical expertise that set Empathia apart from pure EAP providers. We helped them establish a unified, integrated brand suite and equipped them with marketing materials that spoke to their competitive advantage.

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A Unified Brand Look

Empathia had already established a strong identity for its LifeMatters EAP offering. However, the parent company didn’t have that same brand recognition, and the fully array of sub-brands was disjointed. By reinventing the full brand suite to coordinate with the existing LifeMatters brand, while retaining unique identities, we helped Empathia leverage its own brand equity and opened the door to easy cross-selling opportunities.

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A Vibrant Web Presence

Workforce solutions can be a complicated technical subject. Empathia needed to show that its website covered the technical aspects of their service offerings while still remaining approachable and compassionate. The redesigned site integrates their core products through consistent site wide branding and emphasizes their holistic approach to improving employee’s lives. Agile editing capabilities allow us to keep their language up to current industry norms and compliance requirements.

Info-packed Print Materials

Info sheets are an essential component of Empathia’s traditional marketing. We crafted clean, attractive info sheet designs that can be easily and consistently customized for each of Empathia’s sub-brands.

Let’s (Trade)Show Off The Brand

Another testament to the newly unified brand look, Empathia’s tradeshow marketing materials are bold and cohesive. Print materials, banners, booth design, and everything else at a given show speak to Empathia’s expertise and its full set of service offerings.

Empathia tradebooth display

A Service Model Is Brought To Life

To explain how Empathia’s LifeMatters EAP interacts with its Black Swan Solutions crisis management, we created an easy-to-understand service model. But we didn’t stop there. We created a compelling animated video that illustrates the model and brings it to life.

Spreading The Word Through Email

We’re bringing Empathia’s email marketing to the next level. Through advanced integration with their CRM, we’re able to get the right message to the right audience at the right time. Marketing emails are consistently branded, bright, and engaging, but also accommodate a variety of formats.

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“Working with Ampersand has opened up a world of possibility for our sales team. We’re able to more effectively reach our own clients with new opportunities, as well as boost our brand with prospects.”
Michelle Colosimo, Executive Director at Empathia
Michelle Colosimo
Executive Director, Empathia
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