The Road to Ampersand – Our Rebrand Story

Past. Present. Future. Not Just a Core Value.

Over the past decade, our team, capabilities, and mission have evolved immensely. While the roots of our past can still be seen throughout the agency, the stylized evolution to the Ampersand brand was born out of the partnership and collaboration we’ve built between our talented team and loyal clients. This growth and evolution reflect our position as a leader in the industry.

You may be asking, what’s the story behind the name Ampersand? The use of an ampersand indicates a perfect pairing, a unified team, a relentless collaboration. Think P&L, R&D, or PB&J. As Ampersand, our driving principle (and somewhat obsessive pursuit) is to help our clients Fuel & Simplify Business Growth. We invite you to explore the History of the Ampersand symbol and all it means to our team.

So, as we celebrate 10 years in business and enter an exciting new era, we thank you for your ongoing partnership and continued support. Pairing an incredible team with our invaluable vendors, Ampersand and our clients are primed for what’s next.


Team Ampersand
Alaina, Alyssa, Anna, Brian, Brock, Heather, Jodi, Katie, Kevin, Sammie, Steve, & Valerie

A Letter From The CEO

I grew up with a copy machine in the basement. Sure, there were Barbies and dress-up clothes and a pool table too, but nothing was as fun as playing office. As the child of a small business owner, I was raised in a world of immersive business relationships. I remember being taught to shake hands when we ran into clients at the gas station. I remember visiting offices, manufacturing facilities, and retail stores for behind the scenes tours. And, our house was always filled with the products and services of Southeast Wisconsin business. Looking back, I didn’t know how lucky I was.

You see, starting a business was never “Plan B” for me.  I entered the workforce a step ahead thanks to my upbringing and knew that someday I’d head down an entrepreneurial path of my own. So I watched, I listened, I learned, and I worked hard until it was time for “Plan A” to unfold. And in 2010, I set out to “Reach my Full Brand Potential” and started my own agency.

Today, as I reflect back on our first decade in business and look forward to the next era as Ampersand, the thing I’m most proud of is not an award on a shelf, an impressive list of loyal customers, or a successful project. It’s the opportunity I’ve had to build my own immersive business relationships. With an incredible team and invaluable vendors, Ampersand and our clients are primed for what’s next. And while our name and tagline may have changed, our commitment remains the same. We will keep reaching towards our full potential, as we help you Fuel and Simplify Business Growth for years to come.

Thank you for entrusting us with your brand,

Heather Noel, MBA
Owner & CEO, Ampersand
September 2020



We are Ampersand and & means so much more. Get what you need to know to Fuel & Simplify Business Growth.
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