Attract Outstanding Candidates With Recruitment Marketing

Try These Tactics To Find and Hire the Talent You Need

A good hire is hard to find, or so it seems. Many businesses are struggling to fill open positions on their team with quality candidates. Taking out an ad in the classifieds or taping up a “NOW HIRING” poster just doesn’t do the trick in today’s labor market. Have you considered a more robust recruitment marketing campaign? “Recruitment marketing” extends beyond traditional job listings by using a holistic, multi-channel approach to find and retain employees. There are many different marketing tactics that can attract the talent you’re looking for, depending on your industry and the type of position you’re hiring. Here are a few recruitment marketing techniques we recommend.

Let Social Media Ads Do Your Recruiting

The point of marketing is to get in front of your audience’s eyes, and in the case of recruiting, that means being on social media. We don’t just mean LinkedIn, either! A pre-roll video boosted post, or carousel ad on their favorite social platform might be just the way to catch their eye. As a bonus, Facebook is one of the most economical channels for advertising. However, there are strict limitations on targeting for employment ads on social media to prevent discrimination, so you may have to get creative by targeting people who are interested in a certain topic or live within a certain number of miles from your business.

Post Open Positions on (Relevant) Job Boards

Online job boards are the classified section for the 21st century. You might as well post open positions on the most widely-used platforms like Indeed and Glassdoor. Job hunters do use them and those sites get hefty search traffic. But you should especially consider niche job boards that are related to your industry or to the position you’re filling. There are boards for breweries, web developers, zoos, nonprofit organizations, you name it. You have a better chance of finding the right candidate by listing your job in the right places.

Create a Dedicating Landing Page for Job Hunters

Where do you want candidates to end up on your website? You could send them to a careers page, which has plenty of job-related information but could be dry to read, or an “about us” page that showcases your company but doesn’t have an easy path to submit an application. Instead, consider making a special page to attract talent, get them excited about your company, and entice them to apply. You can direct ads and listings to this page and easily track traffic to measure the success of your other marketing tactics.

Build Your Brand Awareness in the Community To Find New Hires

The measures you might take to build goodwill with your community could also help your recruiting efforts by simply getting your name in front of more people. Establish a presence at local events. Support a school or youth program, especially if it relates to what your business does or its values. Send a few of your all-star team members to networking events. The more people know about you, the more likely you are to get in front of the right job candidates.

Meet Recruits Where They Are… Literally.

Think about the kind of people you want to hire. How do they spend their free time? Where do they like to hang out? Get in front of them there! That might mean a poster at the hardware store, an advertisement in a hobby magazine, a radio spot on the local country station, or anything that’s relevant to the kind of person you’re looking for.

Encourage Great Employees to Refer the Next Great Employee

Referral campaigns can be a powerful tool. They not only incentivize your team to assist your search efforts, but they also provide some assurance that an applicant can be vouched for. After all, if your employees are an asset to the company, there’s a good chance they know someone from a previous company or their network that has a similar set of skills. Try offering a bonus to any employee who refers a candidate who successfully completes training.

Boost Your Internal Culture To Find (And Keep) Team Members

As we mentioned in a previous post, internal branding is an important part of generating enthusiasm about your company and its culture. Internal branding and culture-building can include everything from posters of your company values to branded swag and staff events. With these efforts, you’ll attract like-minded professionals and retain the team members you already have. That’s a win-win!

Get Started with Recruitment Marketing

Let the Ampersand team lend a hand with your hiring and recruitment efforts. We’ll handle the marketing so you can focus on what’s important, selecting the right candidate. Contact us to start your recruitment campaign now!

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