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The Brewers, Baseball, and Business – Are You Leading Your League?

For those who know me, you know I’m really just a casual Brewers fan. I go to a few games each year, and for me, it’s more about the fun and friends than it is the fastballs and fouls. But when it comes to baseball, I do have a few passionate friends who go all in on the sport, so this blog and business baseball analogy is for you! (Yes, I had to Google a ton of baseball terms to get this right.)

So, here we are in July. It’s mid-season. The Brewers have surpassed the halfway point and are having an exceptional year so far….leading the National League Central Division with a .549 winning percentage coming out of the All-Star Break. And, at this point, it’s a pretty broad margin sitting 5.5 games up from the Cubs and Cards…our top competitors.

Makes me wonder. What’s your standing? Can you say the same for your small business? Are you leading your league? Are you far out in front of the competitors, creating more distance with every game?

July marks a great time to review your YTD performance as a small business. Here’s what we’re looking at this time of year to see how our season is doing…

Examine Your Year-To-Date Financials

This is, in many ways, your winning percentage. It’s the proof in the numbers that you are leading or trailing the standings. As you close Q2, how are your year-to-date numbers? Are sales up? Down? Expenses managed?

Check Your Sales Funnel

For us, summer can be a slow time. Our clients are busy, and vacations take a toll on marketing and sales productivity. That’s why it’s important to keep the sales funnel filled. Just like the Brewers, mid-season is a critical time to keep focused. It’s easy to come out of the gate strong and revved up after spring training, and as we approach the playoffs the pressure is on. The same is true in business – a strong start and finish to the year isn’t enough. Mid-season is when you make or lose ground. Think of your marketing and sales efforts like mid-season, and remember that each and every game still counts in the end.

Review the Status of Special Projects

It’s All-Star Season. And like Corey Knebel, we know that while it’s not billable client work, working on special projects is also an important element of business. While Knebel sat the bench for the All-Star Game, our team hasn’t. We compiled a list in December of all the “Ampersand Stuff” we set out to do in 2017, and I’m happy to announce that we’ve crossed a solid 12 special projects off the to-do list so far!

Evaluate Your Crew

As of today, the Brew Crew has 5 players on the injured list – all on the 10-day disabled list. How does your Crew look? Are you fielding the right players? Do you have positions to fill? And, just as importantly, how is team culture and morale? Summer vacations can take a toll on a team – stretching those in the office thin, and sometimes decreasing team communication. Make sure you stay connected!

Enjoy The Tailgate

And, last but not least, what would a baseball blog be without a tailgating analogy. While summer can be a busy time, it’s also a great opportunity to build relationships. Take a client to a ball game, hold a staff picnic or outing, spend some time chatting around the grill with a beer and a burger. It’s good for relationships inside and outside your organization. Because, after all, what would summer be if it weren’t for a little slacking off in the sun.

Enjoy the season that’s upon us, but don’t lose sight of the playoffs! Year-end will be here before you know it!
If you are looking for a partner to help review your stats and develop a game plan, contact us and let’s work through it together!

Heather Noel

Heather Noel

I love to think big thoughts and set big goals. But more than that, it’s been so rewarding to build a great team to help accomplish them.
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