6 Quotes to Help Inspire

6 Quotes to Help Inspire

Every now and again we all hit the inspiration wall. For me, it’s always around this time of year (right before spring!) that I feel uninspired and get a bit of creative block. My mind is foggy and tired, and I know it’s time to take a break to reset. It begins to feel as though every idea I dream up has been done before, or just doesn’t feel right. It’s an irritating feeling and unfortunately, it’s one that we all face at some point. This can be a real nightmare when you have deadlines to meet and your “to-do” list is piling up. One thing I do to help me get back on track is to look to others for inspiration. When one of those days comes my way I refuel my inspiration by reading over these quotes to help me get back in the game. Feel free to bookmark this post to help you out if like me, you need a pick-me-up every once in a while.

stop and smell the roses quote

I feel like I am always going 100 mph in some direction and multi-tasking several things at once. Being able to take on so many things at once is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes I find myself forgetting to step back and acknowledge accomplishments and I often find myself missing little moments to do so. It’s scary to look back a few months and not clearly remember any specific details because I was so focused on a goal or a project that I forgot to just enjoy the ride. It’s good to stop and admire small goals you’ve accomplished or something positive that has happened and just enjoy it.

You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger quote

This quote is technically not from a real person, but I think it rings true regardless. When I am asked to create something for a client, the task is laid out and it is my job to take their vision and turn it into something real. It can be tempting to recreate something I’ve seen before or play it safe. Instead, I try to push myself to go one better than the best I can find.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone quote

Do what you don’t know and do it often. If you want to grow then take on new challenges and keep learning. I always try to keep pushing myself whether it’s learning a new program or meeting new people. My current mission is to become more familiar with web design. I’m diving into tutorials and starting to take on things I normally would shy away from.

the time for action is now. it's never too late to do something. quote

Just do it. If all else fails, just start and see where it leads you!

no masterpiece is ever created by a lazy artist quote

If you’re doing something then do it right. Whatever you may be working on now may not be the most exciting, but that is the time you need to kick things into gear. Make something amazing out of the mundane and use it as an opportunity to showcase your talents.

procrastinate quote

Lastly, a personal favorite from Jessica Hische, a letterer & Illustrator who has inspired my design career. Do what you love!

Anna Trokan

Anna Trokan

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