The Many Brains of Successful Digital Marketing

Marketing Specialists Drive Successful Digital Marketing Efforts

One of the great ironies of living in the Digital Age is that while modern technology eliminates many of the menial tasks that formerly overwhelmed our workload, it often requires us to reallocate much of that saved time to understand the technologies and platforms.

So how do business owners innovate and improve in the online marketplace? They rely on specialists who know the ins and outs of each digital marketing channel.

Has Google changed their algorithm to support specific keywords? Has Facebook placed limitations on who you can target with your ads? These are questions that can only be answered by experts who keep their fingers on the pulse of the tech giants, constantly tweaking and improving the performance of your digital marketing campaign.

As someone with experience single-handedly running an in-house marketing department, I can tell you it’s far more efficient to work alongside a team of specialists who bring diverse skill sets to the table. Every specialist has a unique personality type or “brain” that allows them to effectively leverage each of these unique platforms. While some brains are wired for numbers and analytics, others are laser-focused on creating a consistent look and feel for your online presence across multiple channels. Tapping into team expertise is a great way to achieve success in an ever-changing digital world!

Social Media

The Engaged Brain

Creating an ongoing stream of fresh and engaging social media content can be tough! Whether posting or advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, SnapChat, Twitter, Pinterest, Houzz, or many other unique platforms, a solid social media specialist will help improve your engagement and reach! This brain thrives on interaction and community building, creating true dialogue with your fans online. Always thinking in terms of new content, the engaged brain’s goal is not just to post, but to develop relationships online with your customers, vendors, employees, and more! This brain loves to see the power that social media can provide when you truly engage with your followers!

Web Development

The Technical Brain

Your website is the backbone of your successful digital marketing efforts – the funnel in which most client traffic is guided through. An effective website is a living entity that requires ongoing support and updates to continue performing at its best.

From minor plugin updates to mobile-friendly optimization, a good web developer will help your website continue to operate at peak performance. As software changes, content strategies evolve, and technical needs present themselves, the web developer is always on the lookout for what is next. Regular maintenance performed by the technical brain can prevent a lot of issues, while fresh trends in web can be leveraged to keep your site on the cutting edge of digital marketing!

Stats Tracking

The Analytical Brain

The beauty of digital marketing lies in its tangible feedback and traceability. By analyzing and interpreting data and statistics pulled from various marketing channels, a stats analyst can provide you with valuable feedback to help support your strategic decision-making process.

Someone with a focus on analytics helps make sure all this “digital juice” is worth the squeeze. From optimizing your conversion rates to reporting on leads generated through your efforts, this is one brain that you’ll definitely want supporting your business!

Graphic Design

The Creative Brain

A good first impression is critical to driving the sales process. A clean, attractive aesthetic crafted by a professional graphic designer is essential in creating a successful brand image. While many people think strictly of social media, web development, and analytics online, a graphic designer’s creative brain helps build brand uniformity across all digital marketing channels. By creating content, posts, and ad campaigns that look and feel like your brand, you’ll build awareness of your organization and increase engagement and attention with highly aesthetic, visual campaigns that really catch your follower’s eyes!

What’s more, as channels grow and evolve, the creative brain puts these tactics to the test! From developing animations in HTML5 Banner Ads to leveraging the visual elements of the next Facebook ad type, the creative brain knows that it is a design-centric world we live in!


The Wordsmith’s Brain

Boring copy rarely leads to sales. Persuasive language should educate your clients on the nature and benefits of your product or service, outlining a number of selling points, features, and key differentiators to help guide viewers into your sales funnel. Messaging can vary greatly depending on the nature of the marketing channel. Copy oriented toward general brand awareness will differ significantly from retargeted advertising, where a “second date” message should incorporate a more direct call to action.

The wordsmith will tailor your message to best suit the intended distribution method. Will the copy be outlined on your website? If so, search engine optimization should be a major focus. Header tags, keywords, and link opportunities will need to be leveraged appropriately. Will the copy be housed in an email marketing campaign? Relevancy and a strong call to action should be the focus of that particular marketing channel. The wordsmith will work closely with the strategic brain to deliver results tailored to each different tactic.

Marketing Management

The Strategic Brain

All of the aforementioned brains need to operate in tandem to successfully achieve your strategic goals. Without a defined marketing plan and strong campaign targeting, your marketing efforts will likely fall flat when it comes time to deliver.

While it’s important to have a strong strategic brain to generate a comprehensive plan of attack, it’s also essential to reliably deliver upon that strategy. By leveraging established processes and best practices engineered to provide deliverable results, your team of marketing specialists can merge all of their brains into one, generating content and feedback far more valuable than that provided by a single individual.

Brains for Hire

Some of these brains might describe your in-house marketing team. There’s a pretty good chance you might be handling all of your current marketing efforts yourself! If your organization has a talent or time gap in any of the above “marketing brains,” our team of specialists is standing by to help out.
If you would like to learn more about our full range of digital marketing services, feel free to contact us today!

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