How a 3D Camera Can Change Your Brand Experience

A Marketing Power Tool

There is no denying that we live in a highly competitive world full of highly competitive people. On a daily basis, companies and brands are constantly competing for attention. So how does a brand stand out to its consumers or prospects?

Research shows that 81% of consumers start their buying process online. So that leads to the question… How can I position my brand to stand out to consumers at the start of their online buying process, ultimately impacting their purchase decision?

Sometimes it’s difficult to answer the hard questions, but this one is easy! Using a 3D camera, you can create an online, virtual presence. This allows your clients and prospects to immerse themselves into your brand and get a first hand experience of your space with a 3D virtual tour.

The process to create your virtual tour is pretty unique. We use a Matterport Pro 3D camera. The camera takes a 360 degree snapshot of the entire area, at multiple locations in your space and combines them to create the 3D virtual tour. It takes about one hour per 1,000 sq. ft. scanned and your tour is typically ready within two business days.

The tour can then be used in multiple ways.

  • Showcase on your website to improve visitor experience
  • Send via email marketing to increase your open rates
  • Share via social media channels to drive traffic to your website
  • Use during sales presentations to help win the sale
  • Use to make design, product and material selections, simplifying the process
  • Display at events and trade shows to draw a crowd

The tour allows those experiencing your brand to go from room-to-room or space-to-space as they wish. No matter the industry, your brand can benefit from a virtual tour. Here are just a few examples.

Commercial Architecture

Unveil your latest architectural design or remodel and drive engagement on your website with an online 3D tour.


Let patients and families familiarize themselves with the space before a visit with a virtual walk-through of the facility, providing them comfort and ease prior to their appointment.


Provide an interactive, online tour prior to booking a reservation. Showcase the functionality of hotel rooms and suites, convention spaces, meeting rooms and banquet halls.


Drive customers to your website with behind the scenes access into your factory or warehouse. Allow visitors to see how your machines, technologies, and processes are brought to life.

New Home Construction

92% of home buyers begin their search online – engage those visitors with an online 3D tour. Virtual tours allow home builders to showcase model homes, designs, floor plans and key features.

Office & Professional Services

Showcase your space, attracting potential employees and clients with a sneak peak of your company culture. Virtual tours are a great way to attract talent!

Product Showrooms

Drive customers to your showroom by showcasing your product variety, interactive displays, designs and product solutions.


Attract new patrons by providing them with an inside look at their dining experience. Allow customers to explore the atmosphere and layout of your space before ever stepping foot into the restaurant.


Have online customers experience the layout of your physical location with a virtual tour of your retail space, products and displays.

Looking for a way to stand out from your competitors? Consider inviting us into your space. Our 3D camera will work its magic and your customers will begin experiencing your brand in a whole new way. Contact us today!


Brock Diedrick

Brock Diedrick

I enjoy working with clients in all types of industries and embrace taking on all the new challenges that present themselves on a daily basis.