PAULS by Drexel

Building Up Drexel's Charitable Program

The team at Drexel Building Supply came to us with an out-of-the-ordinary but exciting project: supporting the launch of their charitable initiative. PAULS, or “People Advanced in Using Lumber Systems,” not only supports families in need of quality housing around the world but also encourages Drexel’s clients and customers to adopt emerging construction practices. We created a new website and a program logo that extended naturally from Drexel’s well-established main brand and provided core messages to share the news about this meaningful passion project.

Logo Development

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Telling The PAULS Story With Purpose

PAULS, named for long-time Drexel customer Paul Krause, is a build-one-give-one charitable partnership between Drexel and Overture International. For every home built with Drexel’s design, supply, and offsite construction services, the PAULS program sponsors a home for a family in need in Haiti. This initiative needed its story to be told with all of the heart and passion of its mission. Working with both Drexel and Overture International, we crafted the PAULS narrative, highlighting the families that were already being helped and compelling audiences to engage and participate by building their own PAULS home.

A Mission-Driven Website

Rather than adding PAULS to their existing website (and risk the story getting buried), the Drexel team asked us to build an all-new site that could explain the program and its mission in detail. This new site, with the fitting URL, showcases the families receiving aid and clearly explains how builders and homeowners can participate.


To kickstart the program, Drexel donated eight homes in Haiti–one for each of its eight Wisconsin store locations. We created a custom pull-up banner for each location featuring its sponsored family. These banners are a mark of pride for Drexel’s team as well as a way to start the conversation about building a PAULS home.


To help get the word out about the new PAULS program, we provided social graphics and posts that echoed the family stories and paired these up with eye-catching images.

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